Jean-baptiste BONNET
Graduated in photography from the École des Gobelins in Paris, Jean-Baptiste has been the cinematographer of numerous creative documentaries, notably broadcasted by Arte, France Télévisions, and the Centre Georges Pompidou. Alongside, he has worked with production companies and broadcasters as a script doctor. Whether as a technician or a consultant, Jean-Baptiste has always had a penchant for mentoring and the development of documentary narratives.
He founded Habilis Productions in 2020. In 2021, he was selected for Eurodoc. In 2022, he produced and co-directed "Here Lions Once Roared" with Laurine Estrade, a film that was acclaimed by critics. In 2024, he directed "Save Our Souls," selected for Visions du Réel.
Working with authors on ambitious projects, collaborating with producers internationally, and making films: this is the creative alchemy of Habilis Productions.
Jean-Baptiste is the producer and manager of Habilis Productions.
Laurine Estrade
A graduate with a Master's Degree in Cinema from the Sorbonne, Laurine works as a scriptwriter for documentary and fiction projects, notably alongside director Guillaume Massart for his documentaries "Passemerveille" and "Les dragons n’existent pas" (Real Festival 2010), produced by Triptyque Films. She also wrote the screenplay of "Zones" with Jean-Baptiste Bonnet. She collaborated with Boris Svartzman on the script of "A New Era," a 72-minute documentary produced by Macalube Films and Prima Luce, which won multiple awards at festivals and received a "Étoile de la Scam" in 2020.
In 2013, Laurine directed "The Child in the Tree," a documentary set in a school in Perpignan, produced by Triptyque Films and France Télévisions. It was during this shoot that she met Ossana, who became the main character of her second documentary: "Ossana, Life Ahead of You," produced by Les Films d'Ici and France Télévisions.
She co-directed "Algeria, She and Him" in 2019 with Jean-Baptiste Bonnet, an audio documentary supported by the Gulliver Fund, broadcasted by RTBF and RTS. Together, in 2022, they co-directed "Here Lions Once Roared" In 2023, she directed "Youth 44."
She is currently working on writing a series project, "Mater," produced by Films de Force Majeure, supported by the CNC and Région Occitanie.
For over 10 years, Laurine has been a script consultant for numerous production companies and institutions. At Habilis Productions, she is responsible for artistic development of the projects.
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