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With the support of France Televisions, CNC, Region Normandie, SCAM, Procirep-Angoa
Developed within the framework of Eurodoc 2021

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Cinematography and live sound: Jean-Baptiste Bonnet | Editing: François Sculier | Sound editing: Nicolas Joly & Emmanuel Soland | Mixing: Emmanuel Soland | Color grading: Pierre Mazoyer
The Mediterranean Sea is a deadly desert for those who want to cross and reach Europe. Off the coast of Libya, the crew of the Ocean Viking are on the lookout for lost boats. After a high-risk rescue, shipwrecked travelers and rescuers live together aboard awaiting to dock at a safe port. This period on board is the first shelter the survivors get in the midst of their journey, fostering a unique bond with the rescuers. A human link which is like a life jacket.
Poster : Diana Ejaita
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