Pré achat WEO, Avec le soutien de PICTANOVO, du CNC (FSA), de la Région Normandie (Aide à l'écriture, aide au développement, aide à la production), de la Procirep Angoa
Timothée is 23 years old. This year, he and his girlfriend Morane are moving into a shared apartment in Picardy. It’s a new beginning towards new landscapes, new encounters, and new jobs. As a temporary worker, Timothée is confident: there will always be work for him, often tough jobs, but that’s just the way it is.
His outlet is the rap texts he writes and performs, in which he narrates his journey filled with hurdles.
But at the dawn of his adult life, just as he seems to have finally found some form of stability, his youthful problems catch up with him.
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